Gutter Cleaning in Tampa: The Process & How to Do It Correctly

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One home chore that most homeowners discuss with their family or neighbors is gutter cleaning. If you make a survey about what is the task people hate the most in their houses in Tampa, you will get this answer: gutter cleaning. You can hate it because it is a dirty, tedious job that seems to take forever. Even though we all agree that may be an unpleasant job, it is also a necessary one. 

However, it is a vital task if you want to keep your home in good condition. Gutters play an important role in your home by collecting rainwater and directing it away from the foundation. If they become clogged, it can lead to a number of problems, including water damage to your home. That is why it is important to clean your gutters regularly. Remember doing it correctly is essential! 

For those who want to skip the headaches also we offer reliable gutter cleaning in Tampa. We have specialized equipment to make sure that the job gets done efficiently by using the proper equipment. Our skilled professionals can make the job quicker and within only 1 day gutter cleaning session. No matter the size of the problem we can solve it with mastery. 

Our goal is to help people in having a well-cared home and avoid injuries while doing gutter cleaning. That is why we will show you our practical methods when we perform our professional gutter cleaning services in Tampa and surroundings, including gutter cleaning from the ground without using a ladder. 


Safety measures on Gutter Cleaning

Like every home task it really does not take so much effort to clean your gutters. But, it’s worth saying that like any task it can be dangerous if you do not take at least minimum safety  measures in order to keep you safe and sound at the end of the day. However, regardless of which method is chosen, better be prepared. Keep in mind that gutter cleaning can also take a long time and require many steps that can cause injuries in the process if you do not have enough caution. Here are a few safety measures and tips to possibly make the job safer and easier.

  • Protective gloves: always wear sturdy gloves to protect your hands from anything sharp in the debris, as well as the sharp parts of the gutters themselves
  • Work boots: Wear trustworthy work boots so you will have a good grip stepping in slippery areas, on a ladder or other surfaces while you work.
  • Wear eye protection: when it comes to removing debris from your gutters by hand, pressure washing your gutters or anything related to gutter cleaning, you can encounter flying particles that can get into your eyes.
  • Get help from a person: it can be your family member, a friend or your neighbor. Having someone to back you up can be helpful while moving heavy equipment, you need someone to grab things and the list goes on.
  • Clear the areas where you will be working: this can help you avoid some accidents if a random person walks by where you are throwing debris or anything from your roof.


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Gutter cleaning in Tampa from the ground

We can agree this is the safest method but the messiest. It may take more time than gutter cleaning from a ladder since you can’t see what is going on up there but you will be safe with your feet on the ground. You will need to proceed slowly and systematically. On the other hand, it’s also messy as you tend to get a lot of sprayed grime on you as you work. We can say that this is the price for keeping the ladder away.

What you require for this method is either a garden hose, air blower or a shop-type wet/dry vacuum, plus a couple of handy telescopic attachments. Make sure you get attachments that reach the height you need while standing on the ground. 

Gutter cleaning with this gear needs much pressure/suction power so keep in mind that. If you use a garden hose the attachment for gutter cleaning is like a telescopic curved wand that you can direct into the gutter and force the water pressure to move debris either out of the gutter or towards the downspout. Almost similar is the accessory for the vacuum cleaner. 

You can start from the high end of your gutters and then move the hose or the air blower until you gather all the leaves near the downspout. Repeat this process with the help of the slope of your gutter and recollect all the debris in one place.


Using a ladder for gutter cleaning in Tampa 

Here you have to use the same garden hose or air blower as on the ground method but additionally you have to grab the best ladder you trust and be careful. The good news on this method is that gutter cleaning is easier because you see what you are doing and where to focus more of your cleaning efforts. You just have to climb the ladder and work your way down with the hose until it is done. 

Sometimes, removing a bunch of debris can be difficult with an air blower so you will have to do it manually, an assistant with a large garbage bag helps. Again, you can start from the top end of your gutters, as on the ground method, and then move the hose or the air blower until you gather all the leaves in one place. Repeat the process until you are done.

It is worth mentioning that climbing on a ladder for gutter cleaning is not as safe as cleaning them from the ground since there is always a risk of falling. Make sure you get assistance as we discussed in the safety measures paragraph.


How often should you do gutter cleaning?

It depends on a few different factors but at ONE Clean Gutter we recommend doing it once per year. Also, consider the climate in your area. For example, if you live surrounded by lots of trees, you will need to gutter cleaning more often. Plus, the size of your home will also be a factor on how often you need to clean your gutters. 

It is an exaggeration that you have to check your gutters daily but you need to be prepared for the rainy days and fall season. These seasons invite debris to accumulate in your gutters. How to clean it? Two options, get a ladder and climb up to your gutters, which saves you money but can be a risky task or you can hire the professionals At ONE Clean Gutter.



If you do not feel comfortable cleaning your gutters yourself, you do not have the time or the equipment, there are plenty of professionals who can do it for you. Fortunately, you can hire ONE Clean Gutter who can do your gutter cleaning in Tampa efficiently. Gutter cleaning is an important part of home maintenance, so don’t put it off any longer! Call us now to schedule your service!


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